Why BUO S.A. ?

You are an institution, a large company, SME or establishment in activity in DRC?
BUO S.A., insures you against all risks that slows or prevents you from doing business.

24/7/365 emergency call Whatever the date and time of your problem, you call us and we are always ready to listen to you.
Expertise within 24 hours When you undergo a sinister, we are committed to help you expertizing the consequences within 24 hours of the incident.
Ultra-fast reimbursement As soon as the observations are made in a contradictory manner, we are committed to a reimbursement, according to the terms of your contract, in the shortest possible time.
Authorized partners A list of approved partners is available for repairs after the sinister.
Inventory service We are at your disposal to help you make an inventory of your belongings and list what you want to ensure priority

You want to protect yourself against a possible risk regarding your business’s tangible or intangible belongings? We will design with you the most suitable solution to your needs.

The tangible belongings concern:
- Your buildings or constructions
- Your goods, offices, transportation means, computers
- Your cash on hand and kept in a safe

The intangible belongings concern:
- Your investments not achieved
- Your commercial transactions
- Your accounts, your operating losses
- Your staff

We protect you against the following risks:
• Accidental risks: water, fire, electricity, falling trees or aircraft crashes
• Risks provoked: robberies, assaults
• Risks coming from the country: failing infrastructures, expropriation, coup
• Operational risks: debts, exceptional payment default
• Human risks: rotation frequent de personnel, accidents, deaths

Our assets

• Our customers are national and international companies in all the major sectors of the Congolese economy.

• We always offer you customized solution adapted to the type and hierarchy of the risks that may be incurred in your industry or your business

• Our rates are particularly competitive

• When your problem happens, we strive to reimburse you within a reasonable delay.

Do not hesitate to contact us
By phone +243.825.653.025 or by email info@buo-rdc.com.

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