Why CAM S.A.R.L. ?

You are a business or an individual living in DRC? With CAM, we suggest to insure yourself according to the Congolese law, among others:

R.C. Car Insurance
This insurance covers your civil liability towards third parties in the event of accidents resulting from the use of your motor vehicles on public roads.
For the quotation, provide the following information:
Type and make of the vehicle; the year of manufacture; the fiscal power and / or tonnage (weight); the people conveyer and the purpose of the use of the vehicle.
For the OMNIUM insurance, please inform on the value of the vehicles..
Insurance against Fire
This insurance covers your buildings and contents against the risks of fire.
For the quotation, provide the following:
Values of the buildings; their location and the value of the material and content in each of them; the purpose of the use of buildings; the types of activities operated.
R. C. Operating Insurance
It ensures your liability against financial consequences resulting of accidents caused to third parties by an act related to the operation of your business.
For the quotation, provide the following:
The payroll; the turnover; the type of activity (main activity and associated); the various contracts taken; the trainees and temporary staff (if possible); the limit of liability (Personal Injury and Property Damage)...
All Risks Construction Insurance
This insurance is designed to protect constructors against damage to the work structure and ensure their civil liability for damage and injury caused to third parties and for which they are responsible during the execution of the work structure.


National Access: Everywhere in the DRC. We operate in the 11 major towns of the provinces of the Democratic Republic of Congo, which enables us to cover the whole territory.
Key insurance: The best value for money. We advise you according to your expectations and your needs.
A one-stop service No more time wasted! You can perform all your requirements in one time and in one unique place.


Our assets

• CAM S.A.R.L. is a partner of the National Insurance Company (SONAS) of DRC. We give a hand to the citizens of DRC in helping them meet their regulatory obligations.

• We operate in the 11 major towns of the provinces of the Democratic Republic of Congo

• Our rates are the lowest in the market to facilitate insurance access to all.

Do not hesitate to contact us
by phone +243.817.109.419 or by email mk@cam-rdc.com.


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