Hoito Ltd: our IT partner

LBUO Group signed for LISUNGI GIE micro insurance a partnership agreement with Hoito Ltd.
Hoito Ltd is a hosting, management and operating data system with biometric security.


Hoito Ltd allows us to :

• Manage in real time LISUNGI GIE customer contracts

• Guarantee for LISUNGI GIE , secured biometric identification of the policy holders

• Produce accurate statistics on health in the DRC

• Install and maintain an IT infrastructure consisting of centralized management sites and peripheral configurations set up in medical establishments

To make the system work 24/7/365, we developed a logistic backup of the data on three servers, internal and external.

We pay particular attention to the transmission of data provided to control the payment of premiums and reimbursements due as well as the interface between our system and that of our partners such as the banks and the NGOs collecting and reimbursing, hospitals and insurance partners.


The assets of Hoito Ltd

• Hoito Ltd. is a computerized managed system elaborated specially for the owner insurance, developed exclusively for the DRC and specifically for the LISUNGI GIE program.

• Validation, protection and backup of the computerized data

• Baseline of the statistics on health in the DRC

• IT experts specialized in the field of database management

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